Shade Your Sunny French Doors

July 20th 2016
Shade Your Sunny French Doors



Q:  We have a large picture window and French doors off our family room that face south. We just moved into the home last spring and the heat in the summer is unbearable in this area of our house.  Do you have any suggestions that can help cool down this space? We would like to avoid curtains as we do not want to lose our view.  We would also like to find a screen that will fit on the French doors.


A:  I have a few suggestions that should help you out.


Installing an awning over your French doors is one way to keep direct sunlight from beating into the home. There are companies that manufacture and install custom-made awnings. You can get an automated retractable awning with a sun and wind sensor to activate opening and closing.


Solar control window films are available that can be applied by homeowners or by a professional. This would be ideal for your doors and picture window.


I would suggest that you have a retractable screen door installed on the French doors. This is much nicer than a regular screen door as they go back out of the way when not required.