Securing Bathroom Towel Bars

November 21st 2006
Securing Bathroom Towel Bars

Q. My towel rack and toilet paper holders don't stay secure on my gyproc walls because the holes where the holders originally screwed into it have become too big to support any gyproc screws. I have tried to think of everything since they did not put a 2 X 4 or piece of wood where the toilet paper holder or towel rack could be installed so that the racks and holder have something solid to screw into. With small kids and these racks and holders end up pulling the racks off and creating bigger holes in the gyproc.

Can you please give me any advice?


Hello Mark,

A. You can always tell a best contractor or framing carpenter, by the number of backing materials prepared in the walls to accept wall racks, toilet paper holder and grab bars. My suggestion for you is to open the walls up and screw your backing into place. Replace the drywall using patching tape, fill, then sand and paint. Now you can proceed to install all your hardware items.

Special note: Don't rely on wall plugs or expansion plugs to retain the above hardware that you wish to securely install.