Sanding Drywall Mud

July 4th 2002

Question from Sonya in Neepawa, Manitoba -----

Dear Shell,

We are currently renovating and have installed some new drywall. My husband thought he heard through your radio show that there was no need to sand between the application of mud and tape and subsequent layers of mud. Is this true? If so, it will sure save a lot of my time! P.S. My application of mud is not the smoothest!

Thanks for your time!



Dear Sonya,

No! No! Not correct! It is very important to sand between each coat of drywall filler. For each of your three mud applications, you should feather the seam out at least double the width each time using an 8 or 12 drywall mud trowel. Use Trimite drywall sandpaper 80, 100, 120 grit.

Its Just That Easy

Shell Busey