Resurface A Concrete Driveway

November 9th 2005
Resurface A Concrete Driveway

Q: I had a front driveway poured about five years ago. It has stood up well except for the surface. Year after year more of the top layer comes off and exposes the stones in the concrete. The driveway is looking worse every year as a result. At first I thought it was the salt from the cars parked on it that caused this, but I think now it might have to do with the initial workmanship. Anyway, the contractor is no longer in business, so I need to find a solution to my problem without having to replace the entire driveway.

A: Contact your local Building Supply store for a product such as Bonded Topping Mix or Top-N-Bond. Follow the instructions on the bag and top dress your driveway. Do the whole driveway not just the patches that you think look bad. After you finish the top dressing wait seven days and then seal the surface with Aqua Seal available from Cloverdale Paint. Apply the Aqua Seal by puddling the product onto the surface and spreading with a roller. Do not apply in bright sunshine.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey