Restore Color to Old Red Interlocking Bricks

November 10th 2010
Restore Color to Old Red Interlocking Bricks

Q) I have a path of interlocking red bricks in my backyard, they have been there for about 17 years and over the years they have lost their colour. They look fantastic when wet, but have a dull pale light red color most of the time. Is there a way to restore a richer colour back into the bricks?

A) This is common as many items when exposed to the elements: hot, cold, moisture, and so on, tend to lose their original luster. It's a pretty straight-forward project that most people should be capable of handling. The approach is as follows:

1 - Rent a powered compacting machine
2 - Sweep paving stone sand over the entire surface
3 - Compact with power compactor adding sand where required when satisfied all joints are prepared, spray with light spray from the garden hose
4 - Sweep with a soft patio broom (when damp) to clean paving stones careful not to aggravate the joint sand.
5 - Allow to dry
6 - Spray entire surface using patio glazing (gloss) with pump type garden sprayer including the joints.