Replacing Vinyl Siding

June 24th 2008
Replacing Vinyl Siding

Q. Is it possible to repair holes in vinyl siding? I am not having any luck finding a replacement piece to match my existing siding that is about 25 years old and has faded over the years.

A. It can be a challenge or even next to impossible to find a match to replace older faded vinyl and especially aluminum siding. If replacing the entire piece is not an option, you can fill the hole with a color matched caulking. This would likely be available through siding suppliers. They carry caulks blended for different shades of siding so if you don't have the siding name and color take in a sample piece or photo of the siding to have it matched as close as possible. This fix will keep the water out and make the hole appear less noticeable. To repair, clean the area with the Shell Busey Home Cleaning formula. Squirt the caulking into the hole to fill the area behind the hole. You may need a foam backing rod to act as a caulking stop when filling. The less caulking you get on the siding the less obvious the repair will be so be careful not to smear too much over the surrounding area. Let the caulking cure for at least a few days then trim the hardened caulk even with the siding using a straight edge of a razor blade. Note: Vinyl and aluminum siding can be painted using exterior acrylic latex paint such as Cloverdale Paint's Ecologic.

It's just that easy!

Shell Busey