Replacing Lino with 12" Tiles

July 4th 2002

Question from Jeannie in Victoria, B.C. -----

Dear Shell,

I want to replace the lino floor in my laundry room floor using the 12" square commercial tile. (There is an insulated dirt crawlspace underneath). One person tells me to use "pro-board" another tells me to use plywood. What is the difference? What do you recommend?

Thank You,



Dear Jeannie,

Neither is required if you first clean your floor with my Shell Busey’s Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well. Apply a floor leveling cement filler over the existing vinyl flooring. This will fill any pattern that might be on the vinyl floor. Allow the leveling cement to cure over night. Sand smooth if required using 80 grit sand paper. Apply your floor tile.

It’s Just That Easy!

Shell Busey