Replacing Furnace - What Level of Efficiency?

November 9th 2005
Replacing Furnace - What Level of Efficiency?

Q: I live in Winnipeg in a 32 year old 1850sq.ft. two story home. We have a full basement that has been developed and is heated during the winter. I have recently replaced all the windows and upgraded the attic insulation. I am considering replacing the old, original gas heating system. My question is what level of efficiency should I be looking at and what brand of system would you recommend? Also, could you recommend a heating firm here in Winnipeg who could do the installation?

A: Your question is very timely as we are moving into the heating season. I would first like to suggest that you contact Resources Canada for information on the EnerGuide for Houses program. They will advise you as to who provides the energy audit in your area. Please have the audit done as your home may qualify for energy upgrades grants for furnaces etc. The level of efficiency that I would recommend is a 95 (plus) per cent
High efficiency furnace with a variable speed motor. Our HouseSmart Referral member in Winnipeg is Winnipeg Supply who supplies and installs Lenox brand furnaces. They will help you select the proper furnace using the heat load calculation required for your home. P.S. Please be advised that any furnace brand with the above mentioned options installed by a certified brand contactor will be in order. I would also suggest checking into a flow through humidifier, a high efficient filter and a Hoyme Damper.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey