Repairing Vinyl and Hardwood Floors

July 12th 2005
Repairing Vinyl and Hardwood Floors

Q: First, I have a medium quality Armstrong floor in my kitchen it has a seam that is starting to peel back. What is the best way for me to repair this myself and what adhesive product would I use to stick it back down?

Secondly, my hardwood floor is showing signs of wear (darker gray scratch marks). Without completely refinishing it what could I do to make it look better in those high traffic areas? The floor is oak and was refinished about 15 years ago with a water-based coating (not Glitza).

A: You can certainly repair the seam in the vinyl your self. You will need to purchase a bottle of vinyl seam sealer. Warm the area with a hair dryer kneading with your thumb to soften and lift up. Make sure that the underneath area is clean. Insert the nozzle of the seam sealer under the edge and carefully inject the seam weld. Press down, wipe off any excess and weight the area down with some heavy books overnight.

The best way to address your hardwood floor finish would be to Flecto Varathane's "Renewal". It comes in a complete kit and all you need to do is add the extension screw in broom handle, follow the instructions and away you go. It's a simple as 1,2,3 and no sanding is required. Renewal is available at most Building Supply stores.