Repairing cracks in concrete floor

November 10th 2010
Repairing cracks in concrete floor

Q. My house is only two years old and I have cracks in the concrete basement floor, why is this happening? And how can I repair them?

A. Over time most concrete basement floors exhibit small cracks. Repairing cracks in concrete basement floors is a project most do it yourself homeowners can undertake. Even when the foundation contractor does everything right prior to pouring concrete such as using plenty of gravel, rebar, and reinforcing wire, basement floors still tend to get minor cracks over time. The cracks form due to the house settling, water running under the concrete and without the support of the sand and gravel, the concrete basement floor comes under pressure and cracks in those areas.

To repair these cracks first prepare area by removing all loose dust & debris. Once the site is prepared apply polyurethane caulking to the crack and scrape with a putty knife. Sprinkle dry sand over the polyurethane caulking and brush with a dry paint brush. This will blend with the texture of the concrete.

Note: if they are hairline cracks you can just leave them be.

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