Repairing a burn spot in carpeting

December 16th 2009
Repairing a burn spot in carpeting

Q. Is there any possible way to make a burn spot in our carpet less noticeable? We had an incident of a candle that fell on the carpet causing the wax to burn the fibres. I understand it will never look perfect but if there is any way to repair the damage that would be an improvement.

A.  To begin, trim the burn and wax from the carpet with scissors trimming the tufts as close to the carpet backing as possible. If the burn is not all the way down to the backing, you just need to snip off the charred tips of the carpet. Next, snip fibres from a scrap piece of carpet or from an inconspicuous part of the carpet such as a closet. To patch, fill the trimmed out cavity with white carpenters glue such as Weldbond. When the glue gets tacky, gently poke the fibres into place. I hope that works out for you.

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