Repair Wax-Burnt Carpet

August 22nd 2017
Repair Wax-Burnt Carpet

Q: While we were entertaining last week, a candle was knocked over. Fortunately, someone grabbed it in a hurry, but some wax spilled on our carpet, burning the fibres. Can you suggest a way to repair the carpet?


A: Depending on the thickness of the carpet and the depth of the damage, you can try a couple of things.

If the burn is just on the surface of the fibres, you can carefully snip off the charred tips.

If the damage goes right down to the backing, it will require a little more repair. Trim the burned ends and wax from the carpet with scissors. Fill the rimmed-out area with white carpenter's glue.

Snip some fibres from a matching hidden area of carpet, such as in a closet. When the glue appears tacky, poke the snipped fibres into the glue and let dry thoroughly for 24 hours without disturbance.