Repair Vinyl Flooring

January 19th 2015
Repair Vinyl Flooring



Q:  We have a vinyl floor in our kitchen.  It has been down a long time, but is in good condition.  Recently, I dropped a knife, causing a cut in the vinyl.  Is there any way I can repair this, as I do not want to have to replace the floor?



A:  First, in order to repair the floor, you will need a patch.  If you do not have any extra pieces, I suggest you remove a suitable size piece from under the stove, refrigerator or possibly in a closet.

Cut the vinyl patch to the size required (slightly oversized) and remove, using a hair dryer or heat gun and a putty knife.  Lay the patch piece over the area to be repaired, matching the pattern.  Secure in place with masking tape to ensure it does not move, and using a sharp razor blade or knife, cut along the pattern on the patch through the damaged piece to the subfloor.  Remove the patch piece and masking tape, and then remove the damaged piece by heating with a hair dryer and scraping with a putty knife.

Scrape the underlay clean and apply a thin coat of Weldbond adhesive, allowing 30 minutes to dry.  Apply a coat of Weldbond to the back of the patch piece, put it in place, press down firmly, wiping off any excess glue with a damp paper towel.  Place a piece of wax paper over the patched area and weigh it down overnight with a pile of books.

In the morning, apply a seam weld along the joints to make the repair invisible.