Repair or Replace an Old Vinyl Deck?

July 19th 2016
Repair or Replace an Old Vinyl Deck?

Q:  We have recently done repairs to the floor of our south facing deck. I am wondering what you suggest for sealing and protecting the deck surface. We have what appears to be an old Spantex covering on most of the surface along with the new plywood that we put down to replace some rotten areas.

The seams between the old and new surfaces were sealed with fiberglass tape. I do not know if the Spantex was a hypalon product or not as we have only recently purchased this home. I understand that Spantex may not stick to the fiberglass. I have received suggestions to sand the fiberglass tape or to coat the whole deck in a latex based primer (recommended - Zinsser) prior to putting down the acrylic Spantex. Do you know if either application will work? Do you have another suggestion for sealing the surface of our deck?


A:  To resurface a deck with multi surface types already in place, it is best to use an acrylic system. My suggestion would be to use Deckote available at many retail outlets such as Windsor Plywood. The Deckote system consists of primer, fiberglass tape, filler, base coat (normal and non-slip) and coloured top coat.

1.  Clean the surface with the Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula, rinse well and allow it to dry.

2.  Apply the primer over everything. Do any filling that is required after the first coat of primer has been applied.

3.  Apply the base coat (normal or non-slip)

4.  Apply the topcoat in your choice of colour.

5.  Enjoy your deck.

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