Repair & Seal Concrete

November 17th 2006
Repair & Seal Concrete

Q. I would like to know what kind of product I could use to seal the concrete floor in my garage. The garage is about 25 years old and has oil and salt stains on it. There are also some cracks in the concrete floor. I would assume that I would need to treat/clean the floor first and seal the cracks before painting the floor. I would like to do this to prevent further deterioration of the concrete due to salt from the vehicles, and other fluids from staining the floor. Can you recommend a procedure and products(s) to use?

1. Acid wash the floor with muriatic acid: 1/3 acid to 1/3 water mixture
2. Wash with my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula to neutralize the surface.
3. Rinse well and allow to dry.
4. Apply urethane caulking to cracks
5. Seal floor with Aquaseal (Puddle sealer on floor and roll out)
7. Allow 14 days curing time with no traffic on the floor

It's just that easy.