Repair and Paint Vinyl Sheet Decking?

June 24th 2008
Repair and Paint  Vinyl Sheet Decking?

Q. Can I paint over a faded vinyl sheet decking? Can you let me know how I can repair a few tears in the vinyl?

A. The product to apply over top of a vinyl deck surface is Ducan’s “Vinyl Re-Fresh.” which is an acrylic coating used to restore the appearance of vinyl. To begin, wash your deck well with Shell Busey’s Home Cleaning Formula and rinse with clean water. When the deck is dry, apply two coats. If your vinyl decking has leaks, they must be repaired prior to applying since this coating is designed for ascetics.

To repair the tears in the vinyl:


Using a flat head screwdriver gently pry up the vinyl on either side of the cut, about 1". If moisture has permeated the plywood, allow to dry for 3 to 4 days. Ensure the area is clean & dry, use Ducan Overlap Cement and squeeze some under the flaps on either side of the cut. Roll flaps down with a wallpaper seam roller, gently squeezing the Overlap Cement to the cut line, wipe excess cement immediately. Have a brick or something heavy to place on the glued down flaps. Remove after 24 hours. NOTE: be careful not glue the bricks to your deck. This can be prevented by adding wax paper between surfaces.

If you have a large tear, place a piece of vinyl over the damaged area. Use a razor knife to cut through both layers of vinyl. Remove damaged portion from plywood. Apply adhesive to both surfaces – back side of vinyl & plywood. Let dry until tacky. Fit new vinyl piece in cut out area and firmly roller into place then use Overlap Cement around perimeter of repair. Remove any excess cement immediately.