Repainting a Bathtub

April 18th 2005
Repainting a Bathtub

Dear Shell

We have an old bathtub with the finish worn off. We think the former owner used a hard cleaner on it. Our question is can this tub be repainted? If so what do we use?

Clarence & Wilma, Chilliwack

Dear Clarence & WIlma

Bathtubs, basins and laundry tubs can be successfully painted using Klenks Tub and Tile Epoxy paint. In order to achieve the best result with this product you must purchase the prep kit along with the paint in order to properly prepare the surface for coating. Before beginning the project you must remove anything from the room that may cause dust or lint ie: toilet tissue, facial tissue, towels, powders etc. and block off the furnace heating duct. Mask all areas that are not to be painted ie: the overflow, plug and drain using painters masking tape. Using a whiz roller apply 1st coat the length of the tub, 2nd coat across the tub forming a fabric layering effect.