Renovating A Kitchen

March 7th 2005
Renovating A Kitchen

Dear Shell,

I am considering doing some renovations to my 11 year old condo in Vancouver (Citygate), particularly the kitchen. Could you provide me with the name or names of Companies that could advise me on what I might do and who could do it? Things like cupboards, counters, lighting, floors etc.

Peter, Vancouver

Dear Peter,

This service is available to you through Shell Busey's Home Improvement department. They have professional designers who can offer multiple cabinet choices as well as design ideas for lighting, floors, countertops etc. throughout the rest of the kitchen area. Proper kitchen design is very important in order to get the best yield of space and convenience in the work areas of your kitchen. Call the HouseSmart Referral Network at 604-542-2236 and request a kitchen designer.

It's Just That Easy,