Removing Wallpaper

September 23rd 2014
Removing Wallpaper



Begin at the top and pull the face of the paper straight down at 180 degrees flat to the wall. 



Apply a wallpaper removing solution to the backside.  Allow the solution to migrate down the backside between the wall and the paper, releasing the paper from the wall.  If the paper is heavy vinyl or foil, use a wallpaper ripper device called Paper Tiger, scoring and perforating the paper vertically and horizontally. 



Apply wallpaper-removing solution directly over the paper to penetrate through the perforations as this will release the paper from the wall.  You may require a steam driven wallpaper-removing device available through most rental stores. 



If you have not purchased the wallpaper removing solution you can make your own by mixing 1 cup of fabric softener (Such as Fleecy or Downey) to one litre of warm water.  Apply with a sponge and allow it to remain wet for 2-3 minutes, rinsing with warm water and a sponge.