Removing stains on hardwood floors

November 10th 2010
Removing stains on hardwood floors

Q) As a hardwood floor owner (solid red oak with oil based satin finish sealant), we also have a small puppy. I have been mostly successful catching his puppy mistakes but as I am doing some renovations we are moving stuff around the house.

Well, we had some plastic enwrapped paper towel packages on the floor and dear old puppy did his #1 near the plastic. I didn't get to it until it settled partially into the floor and now I have some deeper yellow staining and dark brown/black near some of the wood plank joints (about a 6"x8" area). I know the right way is to sand and reseal the floor but I just had this done 2 years ago and don't want to do the entire room where this stain is situated. Any tips to minimize or mask the stain temporarily without the whole floor treatment?

A) You can absolutely do this without having to re-finish your entire room. First sand with 120 grit paper to the wood fibre. Remove your shoes to avoid soiling the freshly sanded floor. Thoroughly vacuum the floor to pick up all sawdust and dust that was missed by the sander's collector bags. Mix together 50% water & 50% white vinegar, use this mixture to thoroughly clean the floor, blot with a cloth dry. Then use a hair dryer to ensure it's totally dry. Stain the area with an oil-based colour stain that matches the surrounding wood floor.

Finish using a Urethane finish such as Flecto Varathane for hardwood floors, which are very popular and for good reason. They provide an excellent surface with long wear and low maintenance properties and are both water and scratch resistant. Strokes should be long and even with laps joined evenly. Work in the direction of the wood grain.