Removing Old Urethane from Pine Logs

September 21st 2005
Removing Old Urethane from Pine Logs

Q: We have a cottage approx. 20 years old at Grand Beach. The cottage is partially covered with pine logs that have been painted with clear urethane (approximately 3 coats at different times). We have not done anything with them for approx. 5 years and they are now beginning to peel and parts of the logs underneath the urethane are blackening.

Our question is how is the best way to go about renewing this. My husband suggests sanding and removing as much of the clear urethane we possibly can and then re-urethane the logs. I suggested to my husband we remove as much of it as we can and then apply a natural light coloured stain.

We are looking at the best way and the way which will last the longest since we are older now and down the road maintenance on the higher part of the cottage may not be that easy for us.

A: Using a water based technology paint stripper such as Shell Busey's It's Just That Easy brand will remove the existing finish in an environmentally safe way. Following the product instructions remove the old urethane with an 800 - 1000 PSI power wash. After the stripping is complete wash the area with an all purpose exterior cleaning formula available at most paint and Building supply stores. Rinse well, allow to dry and apply two coats of Cloverdale Paint SunFast exterior finish.