Removing Graffiti From Concrete, Brick and Steel Doors

November 26th 2006
Removing Graffiti From Concrete, Brick and Steel Doors

How can we remove graffiti from concrete, brick and steel doors on the outside of a building?

To remove graffiti from any surface will require water pressure and a paint remover. The paint could be oil, alkyd, acrylic, latex or lacquer.

1. Dampen wall with pressure washer approximately 1000 P.S.I (pounds per square inch)

2. Apply a water based stripper with a brush. Scrub after 10 minutes with roto brush.

3. Pressure wash graffiti areas to remove Most paint manufacturers make an anti-graffiti paint coating that allows for easier clean-up


Shell Busey's "It's Just That Easy" Paint & Graffiti Remover

Finally a product that is non-hazardous to human health and the environment, the product is safely being used by consumers and professional users alike.

The product will safely remove all paints including spray car paints, graffiti shadow, leather dyes, marker pens, crayons, fly-posters, chewing gum from all surfaces, including hardwoods, softwoods, metals including aluminum, brass, copper, stone including soft porous stone, brick, marble, concrete, all plastic and fiberglass.

Available at Windsor Plywood as well as a number of Home Hardware Stores across Canada.