Removing Asbestos Floor Tiles

August 26th 2002

Question from Michael in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta -----

Dear Shell,

We've bought a new house and wish to replace the floor tiling in the kitchen. We believe it is original to the house. We are replacing the floor with laminate and same for the living room carpet so removing the tiles would provide us with an even surface between the living room and the kitchen. Some people asked us if they are asbestos tile? How do we know if these are asbestos tiles or not?




Dear Michael,

Your existing tile may be Vinyl Asbestos Tiles (VAT) that were quite common. These are safe to remove as long as you donít sand them off which would create harmful a dust that could be inhaled.

To remove them, heat the tiles with a heat gun and remove them with stiff blade putty knife.

Make sure you take safety precautions and wear a dust mask when doing projects of this nature.

It's Just That Easy!