Remove MacTac From Cupboards

February 3rd 2015
Remove MacTac From Cupboards



Q:  We have just moved into a home that is several years old. Unfortunately, I discovered that previous owners used MacTac-type material to line the bottom of the cupboards. It appears to be adhered directly on to unpainted plywood. Do you have any helpful hints to help get this off, as I really do not like it?



A:  For many years, MacTac, printed or plain, was used to line cupboards and drawers.


To remove, use a hair dryer approximately one foot away from the surface. Start pulling on an edge, working it off the surface as you apply the heat (Do not get the heat too close, as you do not want to melt the plastic).


Once you have removed the Mac-Tac, use contact cement solvent to remove any sticky residue.


Complete by washing with a household detergent, rinsing well with clear water. If you find the surface of the plywood is unpainted, prime and paint, using a melamine paint.


You can use this method to remove window decals. Heat with a hair dryer until the decal releases, then clean the area with contact cement solvent. Finish by cleaning with a glass cleaner.