Refurbishing Vinyl Deck

June 25th 2014
Refurbishing Vinyl Deck


Q:  We have a vinyl covered sundeck.  Thy vinyl has been down for several years and has faded very badly.  The seams and edges are still intact.  We really don't want to have to replace it.  Is there any way to brighten up the vinyl?



Vinyl sundeck coverings should NOT be cleaned with a mixture of bleach and water as the bleach will react on the PVC vinyl causing fading and damage to the surface.  This will appear to be caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun, but it is actually the bleach.  One of the preferred vinyl cleaners is my powdered home cleaning formula by Bio Wash.


A:  Wash well with my powdered cleaning formula or vinyl deck cleaner such as Duke by DUCAN.  Rinse well and allow to dry.  Select a cloudy but warm day and apply two coats of DUCAN VINYL REFRESH using a brush and roller. 

Apply first coat, wait one hour and apply second coat.  Vinyl Refresh bites into the vinyl becoming an integral part of the surface. Vinyl Refresh comes in two colours - Grey and Beige. 

It's just that easy!