Refreshing Your Interior Doors

July 3rd 2014
Refreshing Your Interior Doors



Q: My husband and I have purchased a 48-year-old house as our first home. It is a nice rancher, but we would like to update the interior doors. They are clear finish mahogany. What can we do to dress them up to a more modern look?




A: Dark-wood finished interior doors fall into the outdated category compared to the new panel-style shaker or heritagelook doors, But you can achieve this look without having to change the existing doors. Add some 1¼-inch crown mouldings to the face of the door using contact cement or small finishing nails.


First, wash the door thoroughly, making sure you rinse well with clear water. If the door has a sheen, you will need to lightly sand, using 220-grit sandpaper to remove any gloss finish.


Apply the crown mouldings in the pattern of your choice. Fill any imperfections around the moulding and/or nail holes with a lightweight spackling compound. Sand spackled areas if needed and make sure doors are free of dust and lint. Apply two coats of water-based urethane using a nylon or polyester brush.