Refinishing Damaged Wood Products

November 2nd 2004
Refinishing Damaged Wood Products

Dear Shell,

I have inherited a cedar-lined chest that is probably 60 yrs. old. It has watermarks on the top that are very dark almost black. How can I remove some or most of the staining so it can be refinished?


Dear Laura,

Using an organic stripper strip off all the old finish using a stripping pad. Wash the area with the Shell Busey Home Cleaning formula and rinse thoroughly, and allow it time to dry. Using wood bleach (available at most paint stores) remove all the water stains. Finish with a solvent based Urethane Satin finish using a pure bristle brush. If you want to have a wood grain colour on the chest consider using Minwax Polyshades allowing you to stain and finish in one application.

It's Just That Easy!