Refinishing a Ployurethane Finish on our Floors

November 12th 2002

Questions from Mike in Calgary, Alberta -----


All the information I can gather says that polyurethane, once cured, cannot be coated over, even with polyurethane. The old urethane must be sanded off. My floors suffer from the normal chipping of the polyurethane finish in the high traffic areas, it is so bad the floors must be refinished. Will the Flecto Varathane Renewal product bring my hardwood floors back up to a suitable finish, and if the chipping persists can the Renewal be used over and over as required?

Thank you,




The short answer to your quetion is yes. Using the Renewal System, you will clean, prepare and finish your floor. Each Renewal Kit will do approximately 250 square feet of floor area.

"It's Just That Easy!"