Refinish Wood Floors

February 14th 2018
Refinish Wood Floors

Dear Shell,

I have just had my floors refinished by a company. Unfortunately I went by price. The results are less than adequate. The floors are not smooth and it almost seems as though the floors are completely covered in Varathane. It has been 5 days since they applied the last coat. Would it be a good idea for me to go ahead to give the floors a quick sanding by hand with like 100 grit paper to get the bumps down and apply another coat of varathane? Would this achieve more of a coating that I am looking for? I would also be sure to dust properly and shut down the furnace. These are a couple of things that neglected to do.



Dear Wade,

Lightly steel wool your floors with 000 grade steel wool.

Use a damp cloth on the floor to pick up any dust residual.

Apply a solvent-based urethane (no water based) using a lamb's wool pad applicator. Wait 24 hours before putting furniture on it and any heavy traffic.

It's Just That Easy!