Quiet A Noisy Furnace - Shell Busey

December 19th 2014
Quiet A Noisy Furnace - Shell Busey




Q:  We have just turned our furnace on for the winter.  For some reason, every time the burner comes on there is a loud banging noise.  Is this serious and how can we remedy it?




A:  This is normally explained as heat-duct noise and yes there is a way to quiet the banging.


First, let me explain why the noise occurs.  When the furnace burner ignites, hot air rises into the hot-air plenum – that’s the large metal duct on top of the furnace.


When this duct gets hot, it expands and pops out; when it cools, it pops back, causing that aggravating banging noise.


You can correct this by wrapping two strips of perforated meal strapping around the duct and tightening with stove bolts.


It’s Just That Easy!!