Quick Hints for Keeping the Heat In

December 9th 2015
Quick Hints for Keeping the Heat In



Install a ceiling fan in rooms with high or cathedral ceilings to push warm air down where it’s needed.

Close the drapes as soon as the sun goes down in winter to keep warm air in the room.

Make sure your weather-strip is in place around all exterior doors, you don't want to see daylight through any areas, as this also means heat loss.

Put foam covers on all exterior wall outlets, under the cover plates.

Close the damper in your brick firebox and insert a draftstopper up against the damper. These can be removed, should you want a wood burning fire at Christmas or some other occasion and re-installed the next day when firebox is cool again. About 25% of heat can escape through a chimney and if you use air conditioning in the summer months this will also keep the cool air from escaping out the chimney and save you energy & money at the same time.

BC Hydro has more tips on their website to help you keep the heat in.


It’s just that easy!