Protect Your Patio Furniture

October 12th 2016
Protect Your Patio Furniture

Winter Wind, rain and cold weather will damage even the most durable furniture over time. The best way to care for outdoor furniture during the cold months is to store pieces in the basement, garage or shed. If that's not an option there are a variety of outdoor furniture covers available for tables, umbrella and stacking chairs.

A few things to consider when storing your furniture:

Cleaning: Clean furnishings before you store them. It's Just that Easy All Purpose Cleaning Formula in a spray bottle or Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula (Granular) are ideal products to remove dirt and algae that have built up. It's also important to wash furniture before you use them in the spring again because they're probably dusty.

Cushions: Wrap them in an old bed sheet and store inside. Make sure they're completely dry before you put them in a container. Otherwise, they'll be moldy when you're ready to put them outside in the spring.

Umbrellas: Umbrellas won't last more than a season if they are left uncovered outside. Store them upright, leaning against a wall or hang from a grip hook off the ground.

Barbecues: Barbecues-grill covers should be kept on grills when they are not in use year-round.

When outdoor furniture covers aren't in use, they too should be protected. They should be hosed clean, air dried and stored in plastic containers inside.