Proper Garage Venting

January 29th 2015
Proper Garage Venting



Q: When we bring our cars in and out of the garage in the winter, we find condensation on the inside of our wood garage door.

The moisture forms puddles on the floor and we think it is causing the wood door to rot. Should we consider putting vents in the bottom panel of the door?


A: First of all, garage doors should be painted or stained on the inside as well as the outside, including the top, bottom and side edges.

Snow and ice melting off vehicles parked in the garage during winter creates a need for ventilation. When moisture evaporates, it becomes relative humidity and looks for an easy way out, hence the moisture on your door.

Install two vents at least six inches in diameter in the walls on opposite sides of the garage. These will allow air currents to vent the garage. Relative humidity takes the least line of resistance and will take the easy way out through the vents.

Good-quality ceiling exhaust fans would be a great additional feature.