Problems with Perimeter Drains

December 18th 2003
Problems with Perimeter Drains

Q: Our split-level house is approximately 30 - 33 years old. I am trying to clean out my drains (probably old weeping tiles) and seem to have a problem getting the water to go around and drain to the front street sewer drain as all lines from the house go to this street drain. Any suggestions that are simple and inexpensive to get the water draining from my tiled patio to the weeping tiles, to the drains etc.?

Secondly we had a toilet overflow and flood the downstairs rugs, gyproc etc. Cromwell have been in trying to dry it out. We want to make sure we get the proper service and that everything is dry so we do not get any spores growing later that could cause health problems. We would appreciate any suggestions you may have as we are dealing with our insurance company.

Sandy, Delta

A: It sounds like your perimeter drains may require servicing. This should be done every 1 to 2 years as required. Call Drainrock Industries at 604-582-7522. I would do it sooner than later because if it is left too long, you could be facing an expensive project.

Regarding your flooded area, I'm sure that Cromwell will have the correct equipment to extract the high moisture content from the area. They are professionals in this field.