Preventing Roots in Perimeter Drains

February 23rd 2011
Preventing Roots in Perimeter Drains

Q) Do you recommend a specific product we can use to prevent root growth in our drainage system? We've heard of a product called RootX, which is used by a few plumbing contractors locally. Do you have any comments or ideas regarding this product?

A) No cleaner is required if the drain tiles are working properly. If it was used, the cleaner will just run away to the storm water system and eventually into a river which could be harmful to fish, wildlife, etc. If the drains are cleaned properly nothing is required.

There are drainage companies that will come out and flush your drainage system to clear debris from your drainage system. This is something I recommend you have done at least every 5 years and will ensure that your drainage system doing it's job - taking water away from your home.

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