Prefinished Wood Flooring

January 7th 2004
Prefinished Wood Flooring

Q: We are building a new home and putting in some hardwood flooring in the main hall, kitchen and dining areas. The flooring they use is a prefinished board with bevelled edging. They said it does take more care as dirt can collect in the grooves but if something happens to a board, it can easily be taken out and replaced. We are wondering if this is a good choice for a kitchen area. Also can a urethane or such product be put over prefinished wood?  Thank you for your help as they are awaiting our decision.

Calgary AB

A: It sounds like you are considering Mirage Hardwood Floors, available at Alberta Hardwood Floors. If so, great, it's a wonderful product. Yes, you can apply urethane over prefinished wood, but you won't need it on Mirage.