Precautions For Overflowing Washing Machine

November 10th 2010
Precautions For Overflowing Washing Machine

Q. We are moving my laundry room to the second floor but I'm worried about a potential overflow. What can precautions can I do to prevent this from happening.

Ann Marie

A. Washers that overflow or leak can cause damage to not only the laundry room floor but the rooms below as well. To prevent a disaster if an overflow or leak occur start by installing a recessed washer box in the wall directly behind the washing machine. Choose a box with the single lever shutoff valves included and mount the box so for easy access. This recessed box provides connections with shut off valves for the water supply hoses and a drain for the washer's discharge hose.

Install a washer Diaper Pan under your washing machine. Set the tray so it has a direct line that pumps into a laundry tub or floor drain or even outside through the wall to a sanitary sewer system. If the machine leaks, the water will be drained away. Washer diaper pans are available at building supply centers or appliance retailers.

Replace older supply hoses with no-burst braided stainless steel hoses such as FloodChek hoses
.  For additional peace of mind, turn off the water to the supply hoses when the washing machine is not in use. This is more convenient to do with a single-lever shut off.