Pre-Vacation Checklist

February 4th 2015
Pre-Vacation Checklist



Before leaving your home unoccupied for an extended length of time review this check list of pre-vacation tasks that should be addressed before leaving on vacation.

  • - Have a family member or friend drop in 2 times per week.
  • - Defrost fridge, remove meats and dairy products and shut off automatic ice maker.
  • - Shut off water supply to clothes washer.
  • - Pour a litre of water (add 3 tablespoons of bleach to litre) in dishwasher and clothes washer.
  • - Shut the water supply off under each toilet tank and flush toilet to empty tank.
  • - Add 1 tbs. of mineral oil in toilet and cover with saran wrap. Evaporation in toilets and drains can result in sewer smell.
  • - Force as much water as possible out of traps with a plunger. Check for traps in these locations: Kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, bathtub and/or shower drains, toilets, floor drains and sump pump if you have one. And pour 1 litre of water with 3 tablespoons of antifreeze.
  • - Pour 1 tsp. Mineral oil into floor drains.
  • - Unplug any instant hot water heaters i.e: countertop units.
  • - Turn the setting on the hot water tank to vacation.
  • - Shut off supply hoses to automatic washing machines.
  • - When you are taking a winter vacation, winterize outside faucets by shutting off the individual water supplies and draining the faucets by turning to the on position.
  • - Drain humidifier, which is located inside home the furnace.
  • - Leave thermostats for furnace or heating systems at 17-19 Degrees Celsius.
  • - The rule of thumb is to shut off anything that might freeze and/or fracture a pipe.
  • - Garden hose drained and stored in warm place.

The FloodStopper is a device that detects water appliance and plumbing failure or accidental floods and immediately turns off the water supply. When this system detects water, it signals the control panel to have the special valve turn off the main water supply within seconds.

Other Home Security Tips

  • - Maintain your lawn before you leave or have someone mow your lawn while you are gone.
  • - Do not let deliveries accumulate. Have a neighbor pickup mail, newspapers and packages daily. If that is not possible, then have deliveries stopped, so they do not pile up.
  • - Ask a neighbor to use your garbage cans. An empty garbage can is a tip-off that you are away.
  • - Do not hide keys in common places: under your doormat, flower pot, or window ledge.
  • - Use timers for lights to turn them on and off at different times.
  • - Contact your alarm company to let them know you will be away.  If in a complex advise council (strata) you’re away.