Polishing a Tile Floor

November 9th 2005
Polishing a Tile Floor

Q: We have commercial grade tile floor in our cottage that was laid in 1960. Up until the late nineties the floor was stripped yearly and Simoniz Paste Floor Wax was used to keep it in mint condition. Unfortunately, Simoniz discontinued its product and we have been struggling to find one that will protect the floor and shine. We have tried Johnson's Paste Wax (one drop of water and it's gone) and we recently tried Future liquid protector (dull and every streak from the application sticks out). Do you have any possible suggestions for a product for us?

A: I would suggest that you contact a local Janitor Warehouse where most commercial and industrial maintenance companies purchase their cleaning and polishing products. If there is no Janitor Warehouse in your area I'm sure any industrial maintenance company will be able to help you.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey