Pink Solution - A Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution

April 18th 2005
Pink Solution - A Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution

Dear Shell,

Recently I heard on your program about a product called Pink Solution. I would like to know where I can get it in the lower mainland and a repeat of the instructions on how to use it on carpets. Also I would like to know how to remove moss from our apartment balcony brickwork and if there is a way to keep it from coming back.

Eric, New Westminster

Dear Eric,

Pink Solution can be used for cleaning most items around the home from windows to carpet following the instructions on the label. The most important thing to remember is that you need to heat the product in the microwave before mixing it into warm water. To clean carpets apply the Pink Solution to the area with a spray bottle and knead with your fingertips adding clear water to activate the enzyme. Continue to add product and water allowing the enzyme to work as you knead it blotting with a white towel as you go along. When the area is clean you can dry it with a hair dryer. Pink Solution is readily available in most area..

To clean outdoor patios and bricks use my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula using the following directions:
1. Mix heavy duty formula as per directions on the container
2. Wet the surface with a garden hose
3. Using the garden hose wet down any plant life nearby
4. Starting closest to the drainage area flood the mixture over the surface or spray on with a low pressure garden sprayer
5. Let it sit for about 5 minutes
6. Scrub the area with a stiff broom or brush
7. Rinse well with clear water to landscaped areas
Note: Wear rubber gloves and eye protection.

This mixture can also be used to clean wood, vinyl or aluminum siding and white or coloured stucco. Always start at the bottom of the siding and work up to the top using a round type brush on a long pole rinsing as you move up. For horizontal siding do 2 - 3 rows at a time.
Note: Do not wash windows with the cleaning formula.