Pink Fireplace - Yuck!

August 26th 2002

Question from June in Heffley Creek, B.C. -----

Hi Shell,

I have a fireplace that is painted two shades of pink. Yuck! (The previous owner's choice). I have no idea what type of paint they used. This was a wood-burning fireplace and had the stains to show for it. I have cleaned up these stains as much as possible using the pink solution you recommended one day to someone on your talk show. It looks much better. However now the main problem is I want to redo this fireplace and make it look more natural. The fireplace is done in brick, the brick dimensions are: length 11.5 inches, width 3.5 inches, and height 2 1/4 inches, donít know if that helps you recognize these bricks or not but the best way I can describe them is textured and pink. Please tell me what I can do.




Dear June,

Your best choice would be to re-paint the bricks with a different colour. Removing the paint will require sand blasting and it is not a do-it-yourself friendly project.

Before you apply a new coat of paint, wash the entire surface using Pink Solution.

Rinse well and allow to dry.

Use a best quality acrylic latex paint (exterior) and apply it using a polyester brush.

Begin with the mortar lines and proceed across the fireplace from side to side and then up the wall.

Note: Using a trigger bottle with clear water to dampen the surface before you apply the acrylic paint.

Itís Just That Easy!