Painting Stucco Adds Colour & Protection

July 4th 2014
Painting Stucco Adds Colour & Protection



Q: Our home has a stucco exterior. It is an older home and the stucco is in good condition. However, we would like a different look. Is there a paint for stucco?


A: Stucco houses of the past were normally all white, but in later years, new stucco homes have come in a range of colours.


There are coatings for stucco that will give a fresh look and protect the surface.


The product you want to use is an elastomeric coating available under several brand names with the term stucco or masonry as part of the product features and benefits.


The benefits of an elastomeric coating over an acrylic latex coating are that it will give a better quality covering and bridge and fill in hairline cracks, providing longer life and colour retention. First, clean the stucco thoroughly. Rinse well after cleaning.


When you are ready to apply the coating, the stucco should be slightly damp. Apply either by spraying or rolling using a brush to finish around the windows and other openings. (Never apply product in bright sunny conditions; always work in the morning when the stucco is cool.)


If you do not wish to do this yourself, there are professionally applied coatings available.


Our garage floor has become stained and dirty looking. The concrete is in good condition, but we would like it to look more appealing. What can we do?


Concrete on garage floors, carports or outdoor patios can be receptive to stains such as oil, grease or road salt from automobiles.


It is important to put a finish on concrete that penetrates into the pores and seals the concrete so that it does not allow tires, hot or cold, to peel off the finish.


The best approach to take is to use a concrete stain. Stain is the better product as it will penetrate into the concrete, not sit on top as paint would.


First, you need to clean the concrete well. If the concrete is trowelled to a glossy finish, you should etch it using muriatic acid before applying semitransparent stain.


After cleaning or using the acid wash, rinse well and allow to dry at least overnight before applying the concrete stain.