Painting Stippled Ceilings & Interior Walls

January 7th 2004
Painting Stippled Ceilings & Interior Walls

Q: We listen to your program every Saturday morning on CHQR in Calgary. Now we have some questions we would appreciate help with.

1. What is the best paint product to use on stippled ceilings?

2. Should walls be washed before painting, in particular the bathrooms, because of hair spray?

3. What is the best paint product to use on walls, is it acrylic latex or is there something better?

1. Cloverdale Paint and Windsor Plywood Stores carry a Profresh stipple ceiling paint, this should be applied with a slit foam roller.

2. As for your walls, rule of thumb you don't paint any surface without washing it first with Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula and rinsing it well with a damp sponge.

3. Best to use an Acrylic Semi Gloss Kitchen & Bath paint, the same stores above, carry the EcoLogic interior paint line now, an environmentally friendly alternative to oil base paint. High performance, low odour acrylic, which provides excellent adhesion to non-porous substrates.  An excellent paint choice for high traffic areas.