Painting Siding and Stucco

April 30th 2003
Painting Siding and Stucco

Hi Shell,

We have an older home on the North shore of Kamloops. (Please note: we live in the banana belt! our temperature is usually 1-12 degrees higher than the rest of the city, especially the hillsides) 12 years ago we renovated inside and out-at the time I was unable to purchase the color I wished to have for vinyl siding to replace the cedar siding. The siding is a trim effect (on the lower portion) and the rest of the house is \"rock\" stucco. The color of the siding is peach and the stucco is the old white and black stone (no 7-up glass). We have paint stains from the gutter down pipes that we have removed. I would like to change the siding color to Sage Green, paint the stucco a lighter shade (or the same if necessary)- the wrought iron railing is all in white, along with the shutters and other trim. Can you please provide the tips to paint the siding, (long term no-maintenance please), how to treat the stucco and what to use to "paint" it, and what we should do before attempting to paint/change the stucco. Love your show every Sunday morning! Awaiting your reply!

Thank You!!!


Hi Arlene,

First wash your entire home with Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well.

Use a "best quality" acrylic latex from Cloverdale Paint for your vinyl siding. Apply with synthetic/nylon brush. Do 1 or 2 rows of siding at a time the complete length of the home and make sure to keep a wet edge.

Apply Cloverdale Paint's Towerthon Elastomeric Coating to your stucco. It works best if you dampen the surface of the stucco with a light spray of water at the time you roll the first coat on.

"No maintenance", no such thing! You did mean maintenance friendly didn't you?

It's Just That Easy!