Painting exterior metal door

November 10th 2010
Painting exterior metal door

Q) Hello Shell, we are wanting to paint our metal exterior entrance doors and need to know, what preparation is required, as well as what is the best paint to use?

Heather & Paul

A) It is important to keep in mind exterior metal doors are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, hot, cold, wet, dry as well as the suns UV rays in some cases. Metal expands and contracts with the temperature changes, therefore it is important to use a product that is also flexible.

Preparation is the key to have a successful paint job. Remove hardware as well as the door from frame. Sand surface using 300/400 grit wet/dry sand paper to break the sheen, then wash the surface with the medium mixture of my Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well. My Home Cleaning Formula is available at Cloverdale Paint, Windsor Plywood, and other retailers.

Next, Apply two coats of exterior urethane with a pure bristle brush, do the edges first then one face at a time. Each face will require approximately 10 - 12 hours drying time before you are able to turn to finish the opposite side. It is all right to re-hang the door between coats, as 12-24 hours are required before full curing takes place. Temperatures of 60-70 F and a dust free environment are required for a satisfactory job.

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