Painting Exterior Doors

July 18th 2002

Question from Leona in Stonewall, Manitoba -----

Dear Shell,

We just moved into a house that is 5 years old. The front door and the garden doors are steel with a wood core. They are very difficult to close, especially the one garden door. They were never painted and the wood seems to be a bit swollen. Is there anything I can do with them at this point? Would it be okay to paint them now? Would this help. I realize they should have been painted when they were new.

Thanks so much.



Dear Leona,

Your doors can be primed with an alkyd exterior primer and painted with exterior acrylic urethane. Make sure the doors are good and dry before you paint them and that you paint the edges too. If the doors are sticking or jamming, it would be best to have someone fit the doors first. The painting of your doors will add a thickness of paint (approx 3-5 thousands thick) and youíll want any adjustments to take this into consideration. The hinge side is usually where any adjustments are made.

Itís Just That Easy

Shell Busey