Painting Dark Colours

July 18th 2002

Question from Margaret in Abbotsford, B.C. -----

Dear Shell,

I am painting my son's bedroom. I first primed the walls with a latex primer and then filled in the holes and sanded. Then I painted with a latex satin paint in navy. I am finding that the patch up work I did is showing through and in some areas the paint is peeling right off, not chipping. Please help I don't want to continue if this keeps happening.




Dear Margaret,

Your first coat should have been a fast dry alkyd primer over the entire wall after washing and rinsing with my Shell Buseyís Home Cleaning Formula. It sounds as though the drywall filler wasnít allowed to dry long enough (at least 48 hours). Your primer should have been tinted for a dark colour such as navy and it usually takes two or more coats to cover.

Consider Cloverdale Paintís Ecologic brand.

Itís Just That Easy

Shell Busey