Painting Brick Siding

December 16th 2009
Painting Brick Siding

Q.  Is it possible to Stain or Paint exterior brick siding? Our siding has "beige" toned brick and I would like to have a darker tone.

A.  Assuming there is no previous paint on it, a masonry primer, paint or stain can be used on the surface. Clay brick can be stained using tinted concrete semi-transparent stain. However, I strongly recommend that you do a test brick before you tackle the whole project. Stain a sample brick first to see if you achieve the desired color. If your existing brick is glazed, you will not be successful with a stain and in that case, applying an acrylic latex exterior paint would have to be your choice; i.e. Cloverdale Paint Ecologic.

To paint brick, wash the brick with Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well. When surface is still damp, apply one coat of the acrylic paint. Start by brushing the joints with polyester or nylon brush then roll the face of the brick with 30mm lambs wool roller. Keep the brick surface damp as you work ahead during the first coat. For the second coat just apply in the same manner but the damp surface is not required. Don't do this project in the direct sun and always keep a wet edge.

It's just that easy!

Shell Busey