Paint Problems - Want to Change from Semi-Gloss to Eggshell

June 27th 2002

Question from Colleen in Prince George, B.C. -----

Dear Shell,

We recently painted over the living room walls in a pearl (semi-gloss) paint and didnít like the shine. We sanded down the walls and painted over the semi-gloss with the same colour (seashell Aqua Velvet by Benjamin Moore) but in the eggshell texture. We now have very subtle streaks, which appear when the light shines on the walls. Should we paint another coat of the eggshell or start over with a primer first?




Dear Colleen,

You may have to consider applying an all purpose interior primer/sealer and a finish coat with your choice of acrylic latex eggshell.

The streaks you see may be a result of the edge of your roller leaving streaks of the semi-gloss paint on the wall.
If so, you can probably feel a slight ridge with your fingertips. If this is the case, please sand the wall and the ridges with 220 grit Trimite (white in colour) sandpaper first before applying the primer.

Good Luck.

Shell Busey