Paint Peeling on Concrete

April 18th 2005
Paint Peeling on Concrete

Dear Shell

I have a real problem with my front walkway, porch and rear patio. They are cement and were painted before I purchased the house. The colours were gray and red as evidenced by the peeling. I power washed, scrubbed with TSP and re-painted with a tan coloured cement paint. This lasted for a season and then started to peel again. I did this for two years then gave up. Now the cemented areas look terrible and are peeling every where. I have two questions:

1. How can I remove all the old paint?
2. What product should I use on the cement (if any) after the old paint is removed?

Dennis, Abbotsford

Dear Dennis

1.Removing the old paint can be accomplished easily by strip blasting the concrete. Contact your local rental outlet (ie: United Rentals) for details on the equipment needed.

2. After stripping off the old paint apply a concrete stain or a clear water sealer such as Cloverdale Paint's "Aqua Seal". To apply the Aqua Seal product puddle it onto the surface and then roll into the concrete allowing the concrete to absorb as much as required to fill the porosity of the original concrete surface.